OK. You’ve heard about the Bottle Blaster™, and now you have to get your hands on one… Well, look no further!!

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Finish that beverage with the stealth of a ninja!
Modeled after the nighttime sky, this blaster will leave your friends wondering how you drank so fast!
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ONLY $14.95 US!

The Bottle-It™

The Bottle-It™ is a simple yet innovative way for the bargain beer drinker to feel like a big shot!

If you regularly buy your beer by the suitcase but want to feel like a high-roller, just attach your Bottle-It™ to any canned beverage and voila – now you’re drinking out of a long-neck!

The Bottle-It™ fits tightly onto virtually any can with a simple “snap”, and also includes a re-usable plastic cap.

And for those who have faced the dilemma of wanting to use their Bottle Blaster™, only to find that your friend drank the last bottle, now you have a way to put those cans to use! Simply snap a Bottle-It™ on to your favorite frosty canned beverage and use your Bottle Blaster™ as you would on any bottle. Damn, we thought of everything!!

Order your Bottle-It™ today for just $4.99 (plus shipping and handling).

The Citrus Blaster™

Have you ever tried to enjoy your favorite summer beer without a lime? We know, that really sucks. The only thing worse than not having a lime is watching your buddy stuff a lime into your beer bottle after he just finished licking the remnants of a bean burrito off of his finger If this has ever happened to you, then you need the Citrus Blaster™!

The Citrus Blaster™ is a simple device that fits atop nearly any beer bottle and allows for quick, effective, and sanitary installation of lemons and limes! Just snap it on, install your fruit, squeeze the handle to release the juice, and push the plunger to drop the fruit into your bottle.

Order your Citrus Blaster™ today for just $6.99 (plus shipping and handling).

The Can Blaster™

OK. You want to experience the pleasure of using a Bottle Blaster™ but you’re out of bottles. You have some cans left in the fridge but you misplaced your Bottle-It™. You start to panic, and think that the only option you have left is to regress back to “amateur hour” and stick a car key in the side of the can And then suddenly it hits you – YES! You can use your Can Blaster™ instead!

The Can Blaster™ uses the same fundamentals of physics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics as the Bottle Blaster™ does GRAVITY! No dangerous moving parts or tricky mechanisms, just a simple “snap” onto your favorite canned beverage and PRESTO 12 ounces of fluid are quickly and conveniently transported into your stomach where they belong!

Order your Can Blaster™ today for just $8.99 (plus shipping and handling).

The Cola Cover™

So you’re getting ready to go out in public but you don’t want anyone to know how cheap you are Rather than drinking generic “beer”, you’d much rather have people think that you’ve splurged for some expensive “cola”!

Look no further The Cola Cover™ will have all of your snobby friends fooled. In no time they’ll be trying to trade their fancy name-brand drinks for a can of your upscale “cola” just you wait!

First, start off with an ordinary canned beverage

Next, just slide the Cola Cover™ over your favorite can and

It’s like magic! Did somebody order a COLA??!!!

Order your Cola Cover™ today for just $4.99 (plus shipping and handling).

The Can Wrap™

Similar to the Cola Cover™, these handy little devices will magically transform your ordinary beverage into something flashy and unique.

And for those who like choices, we’ve given you precisely two of them Order the attractive red “Caco-Calo” wrap or the maroon “Dr. Papper” wrap for just $2.99 each (plus shipping and handling).
Don’t like making choices? Order them both for just $4.99 (plus shipping and handling).

“Caco-Calo” Wrap

“Dr. Papper” Wrap

Order Both!

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